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    Prof.Dr.Hiroko Tadaura / 只浦 寛子



    Hiroko Tadaura is a Professor (Ph.D. in Medicine) at the Graduate School of Health and Welfare in International University Health and Welfare, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. She is also a Part-time Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan. Moreover, she is also a Part-time Professor at the Graduate Medicine School of Health Sciences, Gunma University, Gunma, Japan. She serves as a judge for doctoral dissertations at several Universities. She studied at Keio University Graduate School of Science and Technology, Quantum Opto-Electronics Laboratory.


    She did study as a Senior Guest Researcher in the School of Nursing Science at the University of Witten/Herdecke, Witten, Germany from 2012 to 2015, and Guest Researcher in the School of Nursing Science, University of Witten /Herdecke, Witten, Germany from 2008 to 2011. She got an IOS New Scholar Award of Self Care Nursing, International Orem Society, the USA in 2014.
    She has lots of experience as a PI in international medical and nursing research in Europe. Since 2017, she has developed new international research projects as a principal investigator of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) (overseas academic research) from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. She has experience in pharmacological physiology research in vivo and in vitro, epidemiology research in domestic, and several overseas clinical and field research projects for the long term. She is also familiar with qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research, and research methods that make qualitative research quantitative. She also works on a wide range of statistical and professional techniques, including frequency analysis, cost analysis, and text analysis.
    Prof. Dr. Hiroko Tadaura became a professor in her thirties. She is a revolutionary, a real Mover and Shaker in the World. She has a very intuitive, a visionary, a "Creator and Mentor" with extraordinary sensitivities and insight. Her gift is to connect, crossover, and integrate the physical with the metaphysical. Her works make a difference in the world and the holistic, integrative field of medicine and healing. She integrates metaphysics and physics through her research and builds new disciplines to treat and heal life based on the essence of life and the integration of applied science.
    She is a scientist who develops new scientific fields that visualize and verify phenomena using scientific methods in the center and the middle of both hands with science on the right hand and instinct spiritual in the left hand. She conducts educational, and research activities for the life energy expanding and shining, which requires support for movement and sensation because energy flows in the body and mind to make a balance of fundamental open and closed systems, which also connects the dignity of life and autonomy. She is systematizing, applying, and disseminating academic disciplines in the world. Spiritual understandings are explained logically and scientifically due to her studies and paper writings. She is contributing for people to understand phenomena systematically, moreover, her study activities help to wiser and broader innovative focus and creations.



    Research Interest

    Biophotonics, Quantum life science, Quantum biological science, Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics, Integration of metaphysical and physical sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Care, Embryology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Gerontology, Epidemiology, Rehabilitation Nursing&Care, Nursing Theory Practical Application, International Nursing Research, Nursing Science and Engineering, Study about Kinetic energy and its applications, Sensory Motor Nursing, Nursing Education, Care Competence, Sports Medicine, Physics, Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Critical Care, Ergonomics, Exercise Physiology, Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Space Medicine, Gravitational Health, Care and Science Common to any stages: Fertilization, Newborn, Children, Adults, Maternity, Mental Status, Geriatrics, and End stage.


    Professional Qualifications

    - A Registered Nurse (Japan)

    - A Public Health Nurse (Japan)

    - European Kinaesthetics Association, Certified Trainer T1 (Austria)

    - European Kinaesthetics Association, Certified Trainer T2 (Austria)

    - Kinesiology Practitioner (Japan,UK)



    - Since 2013, Kinaesthetics practical training experience in the clinical and care areas in Europe was sharpened at more than 30 institutions in total, including hospitals (Acute and chronic phases), facilities for the disabled (Older people, adults, and children), ICUs, operating rooms, care discharge adjustment, rehabilitation units, home care for the disabled, home care for dementia, home care for the elderly, PWS facilities, and specialized units for prolonged disturbed consciousness

    - Kinaesthetics (AU, GE, SW)

    - Care, Creative learning

    - Quantum touch

    - Feldenkrais method (GE, JP)

    - Judo, Aikido

    - Kinesiology

    - Reiki

    - Embryo (USA)

    - The Polyvagal Theory (UK)

    - Biomechanics (International University of Health and Welfare)

    - Nursing Science and Engineering (Tokyo University)

    - A meta-analysis (Tokyo University)

    - Practical English Program, Graduate Course in English (Tohoku University Program, Sendai) English ability selection

    - Global Education and Sustainable Development ProgramTsudajyuku University, Tokyo) in an English course for years on English ability selections

    1) An enhanced understanding of current global issues
    2) Critical thinking skills
    3) A better understanding of sustainable development
    4) A deeper understanding of civil society
    5) English communication skills training for Presentation, Writing, Listening,


    - Professional translations (Japanese- English) in medical and nursing congresses, seminars, classes at the University



    国際医療福祉大学大学院 教授(東京赤坂キャンパス)











    ヴィッテン/ ヘアデッケ大学看護科学部 客員上級研究員(ドイツ)



    これまで薬理生理学研究 ( in vivo, in vitro )、疫学研究のほか、長年海外臨床研究のプロジェクトを代表として複数展開してきた経験をもつ.2004年~日本およびドイツ・スイス・オーストリア・フィンランド等にて研究活動を行い,2008年ドイツに客員研究員として留学し,現在もドイツを中心に臨床研究を展開.2016年アジア・日本人として初めて世界最大規模ヨーロッパ・キネステティク協会の一員とし招待されメンバーとなる.現在、ヨーロッパ・キネステティク協会ドイツ支部・オーストリア支部のメンバーであり、オーストリアでのトレーニングコースにて研鑽したキネステティク認定トレーナー(T1修了/T2修了)であるほか、ヨーロッパ・キネステティク協会ドイツ・スイス・オーストリアで国際研究連携を行い、メカニズムの解明と効果の測定と特定を研究者として中立の立場から科学的に検証している.日本で初めて感覚運動看護学の応用理論のアウトカムに関する国際研究成果に関する博士論文を書いている.2017年より基盤研究A(海外学術調査)の研究代表者として大きな国際研究プロジェクトを展開している.他大学の博士号外部審査員複数担当.

    研究テーマは幅広く、医療管理、ケアマネジメント、看護マネジメント、看護疫学、リハビリテーション看護学、看護理論実践応用、国際看護研究、看護理工学、感覚運動看護学、看護教育、倫理、ケアコンピタンス、成人・老年看護学、基礎看護学、看護教育学、看護管理学、など多岐にわたる.研究方法もin vivo, in vitro 基礎研究、実験研究、疫学研究、質的・量的研究、ミックスメソッド、費用分析、理工学アプローチによる研究成果、量子生命科学的視点での著書も書いている.古典的な科学手法を用いた研究のみならず、科学を右手に、インスティンクトとスピリチュアルを左手に、その両手の中心・中道で現象を可視化し検証する新しい科学領域を世界の研究者らと開拓する研究者でもある.生命の源であり尊厳ともいえるオープンシステムとクローズドシステムのバランスを取るエネルギーのめぐりをもたらす動きと感覚の支援,相互作用の支援を必要とするいのちの輝き(Laebensqualitateレーヴェンスクオリテート)ために,教育・研究活動を行い学問の体系化・応用・普及を行っている.

    2014年IOS New scholar Award受賞 Self--Care Nursing, International Orem Society (USA)










    -キネステティクベーシックコース・認定トレーニングコース(ケアコース) 国内外反復研修













    1)現在の地球規模の問題に対する理解 2)クリティカルシンキングスキル 3)持続可能な開発の理解 4)市民社会のより深い理解 5)英語でのコミュニケーションスキル(プレゼンテーション、作文、リスニング、スピーキングのための上級トレーニング)複数年トレーニング





  • Professional Societies

    Current member

    Japan Society for Healthcare Administration

    International Orem Society

    International Society of Nurses Cancer Care

    European Kinaesthetics Association

    Nonprofit Organization of Care Competence

    Japanese Society of Nursing Science

    Japanese Society for Nursing Research

    Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing

    Japanese Society of Nursing Art and Science

    Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcer

    Japanese Academy for Diabetes Education and Nursing

    Japanese Society for Wound and Ostomy Incontinence

    Japanese Society for Nursing and Rehabilitation

    Osler Society of Japan

    Previous member

    Japanese Society for Biological Sciences in Space

    Japanese Society of Stoma Rehabilitation

    The Japan Diabetes Society

    Japan Society of Kinaesthetik

    Japanese Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Lifestyle-related Diseases

    Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcer in Tohoku

    Society for the Advancement of Medical Treatment for Diabetes and Improvement of Patient’s Quality of Life

    Japanese Association of Therapeutic Exercise

    Clinical Gait Analysis Forum

    Miyagi Diabetes Nursing Society



    Professional Service and Editorial Duties

    Associate Editorial Board for Lupine Online Journal of Nursing & Health care, LOJNHC. ( 2018-Present)

    The Editorial Associate Board Member for Examines in Physical Medicine &Rehabilitation. (2017-Present).

    The Editorial Board Member for SciFed Journal of Emergency Medicine. ( 2017-Present)

    The Editorial Board member for Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research and Care (2017-Present)

    Editor of the Journal of Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Management (2016-2020)

    Council of Japanese Society of Wound, Ostomy & Continence Management (2016-Present)

    Director, Association of Care Competence, Japan (2014-Present)

    Chairperson for the 8th Japan Kinaesthetik Association, Tokyo,Japan(2014)

    Organizer of Miyagi Medical Welfare Internet Network, Japan (2012-2014)

    A steering committee of the 23th Annual Meeting of Japan Academy of Nursing Education, Japan (2012)

    A referee of a manuscript for Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing, Japan (2012- )

    A steering committee of the 8th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Nursing, Japan (2011)

    A committee commission of Miyagi Medical and Welfare Information Network, Branch of System construction and Nursing, Japan (2011-2014)

    A steering committee of the 4th Japan Kinaesthetics/Kinaesthetik Association & Charity for earthquake disaster reconstruction, Japan (2011)

    Top secretary-general of Japan Kinaesthetik Association, Japan (2007-2015)

    A Steering Committee of 8th Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcer, Japan (2005)

    A Secretariat of the 1st Regional Meeting of Japanese Society of Pressure Ulcer in Tohoku, Japan (2005)

    Organizer of Miyagi Research Association of Nursing for Diabetes, Japan (2004-2014)






    日本医療・病院管理学会、日本看護科学学会、日本看護研究学会、日本がん看護学会、日本看護技術学会、日本褥瘡学会、日本糖尿病教育看護学会、日本創傷オストミー失禁ケア学会、日本看護リハビリテーション学会、日本オスラー協会、NPO法人ケア・コンピタンス協会、Member of International Orem Society(USA), International Society of Nurses “Cancer Care”(USA)​, European Kinaesthetics Association(Germany and Austria)




    平成16年10月 宮城県糖尿病看護研究会(世話人)(平成27年3月まで)
    平成17年4月 第8回日本褥瘡学会 運営委員(平成17年4月まで)
    平成17年4月 宮城県糖尿病QOL研究会 伊達な会(世話人)(平成26年3月まで)
    平成17年12月 第1回日本褥瘡学会東北地方会 事務局(平成17年12月まで)
    平成19年10月 日本キネステティク研究会(世話人、幹事長)(平成28年3月まで)
    平成21年12月 宮城県糖尿病QOL研究会 iの会(代表世話人)(平成26年3月まで)
    平成22年4月 NPO法人ケア・コンピタンス協会準備室(平成26年12月まで)
    平成22年7月 第7回日本褥瘡学会東北地方会学術集会・運営委員(平成22年7月まで)
    平成23年4月 International Orem Society査読協力研究者(平成25年3月まで)
    平成23年9月 第1回宮城県重症化予防糖尿病フットケア研修会・運営委員(平成23年9月まで)
    平成23年10月 第8回日本循環器看護学会学術集会・運営委員(平成23年10月まで)
    平成23年10月 みやぎ医療福祉情報ネットワーク協議会システム構築部会委員及び看護運営委員(平成26年3月まで)
    平成23年12月 第4回日本キネステティク研究会・震災復興チャリティ運営委員(平成23年12月まで)
    平成24年6月 日本糖尿病教育看護学会専任査読者(現在に至る)
    平成24年8月 日本看護学教育学会第23回学術集会・運営委員(平成24年8月まで)
    平成27年1月 NPO法人ケア・コンピタンス協会・理事(現在に至る)